N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for May 17, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has released a batch of opinions:

State v Miller  (14-1310-2) (View Supreme Court Opinion). NCGS 20-38.7(a); NCGS 15A-1432; Record on Appeal; Jurisdiction; State’s appeal of Suppression to Superior Court.
Blondell v. Ahmed  (15-796). real estate commission, duty of good faith and fair dealing, parol evidence rule
Blue v. Mountaire Farms, Inc.  (15-751). Woodson Claim; Pleasant Claim; Summary Judgment
Butterworth v. The City of Asheville  (15-919). Land use; procedural due process; quasi-judicial and ministerial/administrative land use decisions; exercise of discretion in application of generally stated standards is quasi-judicial in nature; application of specific, neutral, and objective criteria as set out in applicable regulations is ministerial/administrative in nature
CSX Transp., Inc. v. City of Fayetteville  (15-1286). Indemnification; negligence as bar; unambiguous contract; license; summary judgment de novo review.
In re: A.C.  (15-1114). parents constitutionally protected status, custody dispute between parent and non-parent, substantial change of circumstances, juvenile proceeding
In re: C.A.D. & B.E.R.  (15-1195). Termination of Parental Rights; Permanency Planning.
In re: Cranor  (15-541). attorney discipline, Rule 11 sanctions, guardianship, incompetency, guardian ad litem appointment
Pope v. Pope  (15-1062). Rule 60(b), domestic violence protective order
Rainey v City of Charlotte  (15-953). Workers’ Compensation
State v. Baskins  (15-1088). Vehicle stop; Registration Inspection; Conclusions of law
State v. McKiver  (15-1070). Confrontation Clause; Sixth Amendment

There were also 36 unpublished opinions available here.