N.C. Supreme Court Opinions for August 21, 2015

The North Carolina Supreme Court has released this month’s published opinions:

In re Burke, (410A14).  Appeal from decision of N.C. Board of Bar Examiners denying petitioner’s application to take the N.C. bar exam.
State ex rel. Util. Comm’n v. Cooper, Att’y Gen., (347A14). Appeal from portion of ratemaking order approving an accelerated cost recovery mechanism for water and sewer system infrastructure improvements by Aqua N.C., Inc.
State v. Triplett, (343PA14). Whether the trial court committed prejudicial error in denying defendant’s requests to introduce evidence that might show bias by a key witness against him.
In re R.R.N., (186PA14). Adjudication of abuse and neglect of a juvenile resulting from alleged sexual abuse by the child’s caretaker; interpretation of definition of caretaker in the Juvenile Code.
State v. Young, (124PA14). Whether, in defendant’s second criminal trial, the trial court committed prejudicial error by admitting evidence concerning civil complaints that had been filed and a civil judgment that had been entered against defendant; N.C.G.S. 1-149
LexisNexis Risk Data Mgmt., Inc. v. N.C. AOC, (101PA14). Whether ACIS, a database maintained and controlled by AOC but totally composed of data entered by county clerks of court, is a public record; whether AOC is the custodian of ACIS. Additional coverage here.
State v. McKinney, (47PA14). Motion to suppress evidence; whether probable cause existed to issue a search warrant for defendant’s residence.