N.C. Supreme Court opinions for May 5, 2017

In re: J.L., (370A16) Review of recommendation for censure. [Censure for DWI, belligerence]
United Cmty. Bank (Ga.) v. Wolfe, (289PA15) (View COA Opinion)¬†Following nonjudicial foreclosure by power of sale, whether defendants’ affidavit giving their personal opinion on the true value of the foreclosed property was sufficient, standing alone, to establish a genuine issue of material fact, making summary judgment for the Bank inappropriate. [Press Summary]
State v. Walston, (392PA13-3) Whether the trial court erred in excluding defense expert testimony challenging the credibility of two girls who alleged defendant sexually abused them many years earlier; application of Rules of Evidence 702 and 403 and State v. Robertson. [Press Summary]