North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for February 21, 2017

The N.C. Court Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Gurganus v. Gurganus  (16-163) summary judgment; equitable distribution; NCGS § 50-20.1; subject matter jurisdiction
Hauser v. Hauser  (16-606) Tortious interference with an expected inheritance; constructive fraud; breach of fiduciary duty; demand for an accounting
Li v. Zhou  (16-755) Contempt Order; Attorney’s Fees; Proper Purpose of Discovery.
State v. China  (16-721) Evidence of Restraint to Support Kidnapping Charge [Not the country…]
State v. Gullette  (16-815) Trial Court did no Violate a Statutory Mandate
State v. Hyman  (16-398) Conflict of interest; MAR; ineffective assistance of counsel
Town of Belville v. Urb. Smart Growth, LLC  (16-817) Motion to Compel Arbitration, waiver, contractual rights

There were also 34 unpublished opinions, available here, including State v. Clay, the takeaways of which are: (a) never ask a cop arresting you to retrieve your phone from your car full of illicit materials, and (b) lock your phone in a way that it won’t display incoming messages on the lock screen as they come in if you don’t want the police to read them.