North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for March 7, 2017

The N.C. Court Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Harris v. N.C. Dep’t of Pub. Safety  (16-341) Standard of review of decision of ALJ; just cause; unacceptable personal conduct; use of force; NCGS 150B-51; NCGS 126-34.02
Key Risk Ins. Co. v. Peck  (16-872) Third party workers’ compensation claim – NCGS 97-10.2; Motion to substitute a party; Rule 17(a) Real party in interest; Abuse of discretion.
Krause v. RK Motors, LLC  (16-911) Interlocutory appeal
Murray v. Moody  (16-763) Workers’ Compensation, N.C. Gen. Stat. 97-10.2(j), Determination of workers’ compensation lien on judgment that employee obtained against third-party tortfeasor, Res Judicata
Rountree v. Chowan Cty.  (16-555) Negligent misrepresentation, summary judgment
State v. Babich  (16-762) DWI; Expert Testimony; Retrograde Extrapolation; Rule 702 and Daubert Fit Test
State v. Jefferson  (16-745) Miller v. Alabama, individualized sentencing, Eighth Amendment.
State v. Parlier  (16-724) Miranda, Rape Shield Statute, custodial interrogation
State v. Phillips  (16-601) Attempt to Obtain Property by False Pretenses; Motion to Dismiss
State v. Stroud  (16-59) Felony murder; substantial evidence; plain error; underlying felonies
State v. Swink  (16-89) waiver of right to jury trial, knowing and voluntary
State v. Varner  (16-591) misdemeanor child abuse; corporal punishment; jury instruction regarding moderate punishment
State v. Williams  (16-592) Sentencing for possession of two Schedule I substances under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 90-89; denial of motion to suppress
The Times News Publ’g Co. v. The Alamance-Burlington Bd. of Educ.  (16-588) Public Records Act; Open Meetings Law; public records request for access to minutes or general account of school board meeting [MORE TO COME]
Thompson v. Town of White Lake  (16-104) Standards of Review of Board of Adjustment Decisions;? ?Motion to dismiss and final judgments;? ?Zoning decisions.?
Ward v. Ward  (16-832) Implied-in-fact contract; equitable powers; partition

here were also 29 unpublished opinions, available here.