North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for October 4, 2016

The N.C. Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Baldelli v. Baldelli  (16-142) Equitable distribution; jurisdiction; prior action
In re: Lyle Dippell  (16-54) Right to appeal from Clerk of Court’s order that a person is not incompetent
In re: K.P. & C.P.  (16-295) Requirements for adjudication of juveniles as neglected and dependant
State v. Jackson  (15-876) Totality of the circumstances; Reliability of confidential informant
State v. Patterson  (15-1145) preservation of issues; evidence; lay witness opinion testimony Rule 701 [Cool story of tracking a stolen iPad and computer with phone, but the case isn’t really about that]
State v. Pless  (16-461) Unauthorized Sentence, Plea Agreement Vacated
State v. Ross  (16-254)  Felonious Safecracking, Variance in Indictment, Jury Instruction, Plain Error, Video Authentication

There were also 47 unpublished opinions, available here.