New Firm, New Opportunities

I am very excited to form my own law firm, Odin Law and Media.

I am and will always be grateful for the mentorship and experience I’ve received my my employers to date. But, it’s time for me to build something new.

Opening my own firm will allow me to focus on serving the digital and interactive media, video game, internet and entertainment¬†clients I love, and explore new challenges and opportunities. I couldn’t be more excited.

Why Odin? Odin is a Nordic god that derived his power from knowledge of ancient runes. He guided vikings into battle with this knowledge. As a law firm, Odin Law and Media will guide its clients using a similarly archaic text – the law. Cheesy? Maybe, but Odin is going to be a new kind of firm. Completely professional, on the razor’s edge of innovation, but still a little cheesy when it can get away with it.

Have questions? Have words of advice? Want to grab coffee? Let me know.